Reimagine Royal Albert Dock!

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Let’s reimagine Royal Albert Dock!


Here is a contribution to this action by Sarah Pollard: London City Airport.



How has lockdown been for you? 

Front line staff so still out working? Confined to the house homeschooling?

Or maybe working from home, distancing from anyone you know?

It’s been a surreal and difficult time for many. 

Whatever it’s been like for you – maybe you have noticed that the natural world has been changing in a rather good way? 

Clearer skies, noisier birds, cleaner air.


Extinction Rebellion Newham are asking how we can keep pollution down as restrictions start to lift. As we face the next crisis of a climate & ecological emergency, maybe this is an opportunity to build back better – to ease the lockdown restrictions with a determination that we won’t go back to business as usual with all the associated pollution. 


XR Newham group are inviting you to get involved in a project designed by XR Architects–Open-Call/

‘Look outside. Take a walk, run or cycle if you can. What do you see? What do you hear? The Lockdown Festival of Architecture invites you to fill the streets that lockdown has cleared. Photograph a space that interests you and draw, collage and design over it’


Newham has the most toxic air in the UK….

…..And this is due in no small part to London City Airport in the south of the borough. 


The Airport is closed right now – due to the pandemic. 

How would it be if the airport was to stay closed for ever? 


What would you do with the land?

As Newham activists and residents we propose to respond to XR Architects’ invitation to reimagine a part of our local community by redesigning the area around Albert Dock. The part taken from local residents for the benefit of the wealthy travellers who wanted a shortcut into the City. 


The People’s Plan

Back in the early ‘80s when the idea of an airport was first suggested local people came together and asked themselves what they would like to do with that land – through meetings, consultations, surveys and many conversations they developed a ‘People’s Plan’.


‘The first step is immediate: if we are to have any say at all in the future of the docks we have to stop the airport. We cannot place our future, or that of our children, in the hands of a project dreamt up over a business lunch with Bill Brymon of Brymon airways, Mowlem’s and the LDDC.’

People’s Plan for the Royal Docks 1993 p.36


‘If we are to determine how public money is spent we will have to fight for the right to do so, but there’s no shortage of public spirit around here.’

People’s Plan for the Royal Docks 1993 p.37


The People’s Plan was quashed by the LDDC, the land sold to the developers and the area now blighted by the noise and air pollution of the airport.


In honour of the community of the 1980s whose plan was beautiful,

In honour of the community of the present who are living with the noise and pollution of the airport,

With hope for the future of our children and grandchildren

We invite you to get involved with reimagining this area – art is activism!

Closing date for submission to XR Architects 1st June (see link above)

~ Please also send your art to XR Newham so

 that we can display on our social media channels ~

and the best will go to London Borough of Newham Planning Department!