Regenerative Cultures

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21 December 2020

Extinction Rebellion rebels all agree to abide by ten values and principles. Value 3 is ‘we need a regenerative culture’:

Creating a culture which is healthy, resilient and adaptable.

A regenerative human culture is healthy, resilient and adaptable; it cares for the planet and it cares for life in the awareness that this is the most effective way to create a thriving future for all of humanity. Regenerative culture means improvements year on year, taking small steps to heal and improve, and on all levels, including individuals, communities, our soil, water and air. More than being a network of “activists”, we seek to find ways of being and doing that support positive change. This can include ceremony and prayer (in ways that are neither dogmatic nor expected) as formats to find inspiration from things bigger than ourselves. We need to reconnect with our love for ourselves, our country and our people alongside wider neighbours; people and the natural world.

Regenerative culture includes a healthy focus on mutually supporting categories of:

    • self care – how we take care of our own needs and personal recovery from this toxic system
    • action care – how we take care of each other whilst we undertake direct actions and civil disobedience together
    • interpersonal care – how we take care of the relationships we have, being mindful of how we affect each other, taking charge of our side of relationships
    • community care – how we take care of our development as a network and community, strengthening our connections and adherence to these principles and values
    • People and Planet care – how we look after our wider communities and the earth that sustains us all

It’s about relationships. Our relationships with ourselves and personal histories, our relationships with what we struggle against, our relationships with other individuals day to day, and our relationships as a group – these are completely interdependent. Self care is also about taking care of the animal parts of the self that respond instinctively to stressful situations with fight or flight or faint.

If you would like to join XR’s Regen Working Group, do make the connection.

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