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21 December 2020

XR Newham have formed a partnership – Newham Climate Collective (NCC) – with various other Newham groups all concerned in one way or another with the Climate and Ecological Emergency. Together, we intend to have regular meetings with Newham Council to monitor the progress towards responding to the Climate and Ecological Emergency in timely and appropriate ways.

The mandate we have agreed is:

That an NCC sub-group as representative of the affiliated groups as possible, meets regularly with the Council in order to hold the Council accountable for the development and implementation of a comprehensive and embedded Climate Emergency Strategic Plan for Newham that complies with the Paris Agreement.

Holding to account

It is possible for Newham Council to monitor Newham’s performance with regard to its contribution to Global Warming; and we know from research already carried out that Newham  has to decrease its emissions by 12% each and every year: The NCC subgroup should demand that the Council initiate this monitoring programme, and the subgroup should hold the Council to account by regular inspection and publication of the Council’s performance.

A comprehensive plan

The Newham Climate Emergency Strategic Plan should cover each and every sector of Newham life, not just the Council’s own ‘Estate’ and direct sphere of influence. The sub-group will hold the Council accountable by examining methodically each and every sector, with annual targets and monitored performance.

An embedded plan

The Newham Climate Emergency Strategic Plan should be embedded deeply into the way the Council, organizations and institutions, and citizens of Newham lead their lives. The sub-group should aim to galvanize a movement for a transition towards a circular economy.

If you are interested in getting involved in this kind of strategic planning, please get in touch. You will be more than welcome.

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