London City Airport drops planned extension

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9 December 2020

Well done everyone! We have succeeded in stopping London City Airport (LCA) carrying out it’s planned extension to the number of flights and the extension of flying hours during the week and at the weekend. XR Newham has worked with HACAN East to gather responses to the Airport’s consultation (before Covid). Depending on how you count them, and when they arrived (remember the USA elections…!) there were some 4,000-6,000 responses against the extension; in percentage terms, far more than the airport could garner in its favour, even though it sent out glossy brochures to the population of many neighbouring boroughs.

One of London City Airport’s incessant claims is that it provides good working opportunities for the people of Newham. In reaction to the Covid crisis, LCA got rid of one third of its workers, without using the furlough scheme. It would be interesting to see how LCA’s employment practices compare with other airport employers.

John Stewart of HACAN East writes:

“At the LCA Consultative Committee last week, LCA announced the publication of its new Master Plan: which is more or less the same Master Plan as before, except that it is now “aspirational”, and will not be considered till 2035 or even 2040.

 It confirmed that it had dropped the proposal to end the weekend break and to introduce more early morning and late evening flights.  But it intends to keep in its aspiration from the cap to be raised to 151,000 flights.

 This is not surprising as the airport is in some difficulty. Passenger numbers and flights are down over 90% on last year.  It has had to get rid a third of its employees at the airport.

 The CADP plans have been paused. The new stands and taxiway have been built and are being used.  There are 10 new e-gates in the terminal.  And the new digital Air Traffic Control Tower will be operational towards the end of January.  But everything else has been paused, including the planned extension of the terminal.

 CEO Robert Sinclair said he expected that leisure flights numbers would pick up in the summer (post vaccine).   Business, he felt, would take longer but he said that surveys of, and discussions with, business leaders suggested that they would pick up in due course.

 The airport reported that it expects an announcement from the DfT that the Government will fund a restart of the Airspace Modernisation Programme at all airports. LCA are keen to restart the programme and so are we!  London City would be required to draw up a number of options for flight paths which would include respite.”

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