HS2 Rebellion

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21 December 2020

In October 2020, two Newham rebels visited the wildlife protection camps on the HS2 route, at Denham near Uxbridge in Buckinghamshire. A group of very brave activists were holding a section of the woodland, as beautiful and mature trees get chopped down around them by HS2 contractors. We helped with the establishment of their winter camp, as they face a lot of rain, cold and mud in the months ahead. While at the time of writing, felling is continuing at pace across the HS2 route, activists are resisting the works as best they can and raising a huge amount of awareness about the wildlife under threat.

National press about the case against HS2 has grown hugely as a result of recent Stop HS2 activism. On 12th November 2020, as a result of Stop HS2 activism, William Hague wrote to Grant Shapps, Secretary of State for Transport, in support of evidence relating to potential wildlife crime issues of the HS2 project, compiled by a team of independent professional ecologists. There is still the chance to stop this awful project and save our woodlands.

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